Connective Maths Toolbox

The ‘Connective Maths Toolbox’ consists of 68 GCSE collaborative learning units to use in the classroom.


The unique and engaging presentations enable teachers to lead learners through topics using a series of questions that get them discussing their mathematics. These are complemented by ‘explore’ activities that let learners investigate an area of maths through matching exercises, games, puzzles, and more. Learners gain a deep understanding of topics leading to improved performance in the GCSE exam.


The resources save teachers time by collecting together fantastic materials in one comprehensive and easy to use package.




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Applying Maths Toolbox

The 'Applying Maths Toolbox' increases GCSE scores by preparing learners for AO3 'multi-step' questions. In addition, it shows learners how to apply mathematics in everyday situations such as shopping or going on holiday.


There are 37 units of work, that turn worded questions into engaging puzzles. Each unit has a presentation that shows how to pick out key words, along with a visualisation of the question. There are then printed resources that consist of sets of three questions, on the same mathematical theme, that allow learners to practice exam-style questions.

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